Fat and All That

Play Kay drunk from The Wills.

This is a Free Writing Run On on top of another that received as an open cut. Its a composit of questions, sessions, and “chars” am presently working on.

Chars are not characters, but angelic frisbees of the bodyless carnates. Methodology is a kind of mixology that comprehends to upend any rhetoric that floats up — and ‘flips out’ — accordian to its own wan sometime brutal abruption/corruption/eruption, etc.

Spirit shills coming to life in the half you don’t

you dont

rowing for years. Net to the seas via magic pees pies.

Wipe and wipers gets dish over to me

flutter here butter. Its just the way it is. Where else?

To go?

Doesnt come into it so much.

Emily sits down folders in lapp tap tap tap

but I like where am — at. She picked not I said the stalk of ancient chalk.

The plane is alive, as much flower country as county damn. June is a loon. Pirate is a slump of slow grow flow hoe no I must be

going re: a ward on its golden face.

Monkey and my bough. Swinging sailing ship wakey wakey tried to get out. But Emily ate me. And is still there tracing me.

Strange on authors in my head trace not just me but my char as well. They are interchanging ghosts of language who show up to laugh at me. And throw me nuts and then squirrel jumps. And finds a hole that is a door in a tree where inside is baby bear tear

beguiled into riled into

scales playing scales. Playfully. Thankfully. They give me room around notes to play the words into

incendairy, dynamite too. These are rich and deadly.

Terrible twos. MMmm.

Waves of a emptiness going high numbers from disaster to disaster nash cash at the turn style on top of burroughs leads.

Having fallen into the endless endless searching oblivion minesweeper got out of bataille but bunking with genet.

Drunk stayed drunk liked drunk. But it was a drunk in my imagination do the squabbling. Hello goodbye and yet no Margaret said no. Stubborn artist Margaret. Everything is no and yes at same time. And all yall floats up bee and myst glowering under to the under thing.

Big drier live live fishing places

cups. Yawning under awning

meat me under the awe

ning ping takes a sign

thin lips

Go jealous

go to the death march

if the victim

for whom he.

Throw anchor on wall squall in anchor

now and when. Will if I can.

Daughter is a parker.

Violet screams the whale cant move screams Margaret — move.

Colab is everything. Turns out turns out breaks takes bakes and death becomes cunning.

That shocked waves through the blue and grey days

craven southern ways

like the famous donut mystery. Cant say no thats what they say to me. All of em. Virginia too. Working is its business.Then the yesz invade the keepers and planners.

Soon after comes the “saved me” shine exploding with rhyme. And if no anchor grab by foot. Daughters who are left to administer it becomes prankish and loot, lost and scaling drafts

la lang on brutal attack

at the surface uglyandplugly.

Moving moving head moving full of delirium and holding

it in as blessed

longing from the dire mire choir

drunk with hell.

Hands with John

for a journey

worser even moodier

and beauty attacked

from all sides!

and we all fell down. Hard as only clowns

can beat the

sun down.

Awful beautiful waves part of his time and thine rhyme crime align running out to listen float dead undead back

hand to giddy yap

no floating back. Too bad too sad says Alice thats the magic chalice.

Small bouquet Lilly would

not have it. Slaves and chirpies.

The tear sneaks up circle drifts into Lears. Dreams wiped into infamy pleasures treasures and lunacy unfettered with balance

fire without us we sick.

Vanishing Isle

pass the port sport

estranged violent ascetic

pessoa purity and vincent maturity. Fuck. The Blake and the vincent

playing strands of hair over there

over there.

Going going coming coming

could would not let go

proud thankless achilles.

Who took anywhere.

The writing was this ankle to share

thats all she new,

but a cutter

mop bop the lobster crews

wallace rang beckett

trying to get emily out

of grandmother russia

her rules destroy me.

Violet exploding with anguish and terror

the lark and the cark

in the park insisting figure out

another way in, back in with Poo and Winnie

and Stage Door Left

stairway to

the only way can.

Front door

isnt an option. Why

Margaret says no.

Back door scam

is a scanner trust

PK Dick.

The tease is just a question mark. A

bout the writing. Its a work thing.

Yes even back them.

I didnt know how to put two sides together they werent communicating, it had broken into mmm

psychotic break away

personality in disorder

nash cash trash.

If who lives

when went are the family.

Is what it is

brother pie.

How many dead in your close family.

Going to them going to them

came to me thru

the catcher in the fly


just checking just checking, accordian to the cuts

that wig and pig share pare care and dare scare up

loup and lair.

Big flood found in the hem of jacket. Patch

answered the way

true and lie

were heaven and hell,

Dante kettles up

in stumpage plank and pulp

rim and bow

ghost and shoulder and shoulder and bone

cities laughing to find a red piano

pirates understand this

is a bouquet from flame

where evil is sought out

to shame blame maim.

Drank my tiny blush

blue I do


on palate byby find

kind we like it. Too good. Conversation turns to Christmas.

Lighthouses, thunderstorm, ravens blushing

on the wall the good by lie

continuing on, cabin to the southeast.

Face on knees is silence

no inexhaustible no furry pantry window on the cliff

largest of all the abyss those birds can

if rises. Came they room me.

All co holy

don’t fill in

that no good no god?

Young there lie storm

beaches of the engines

of shyness, eye to bannister

nose to floor

procedures live in the sheet music,

in the wood and in the drift

and so on too the broke can lift.

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