Concerning Uncertainties

Uncertainties intoxicate.

Also started 6.6, probably will rename, a few more tucks and nips. Thank you forever.

Tremble and it turns pale.

There. There everywhere.

Crackling and the deep.

Unexplainable disavowal

no begging, slept restlessly.

Deep one crackling

peer a mid carved window

thirsty for you.

Traverses thebes

lingers on twelve bags

dangerous chewing.

Immunity never established

where long loved

draws impudently.

Bottles know no themes.

Belt of park stretched

out along Rhine,

shooting hesitantly

goes to find

carrying the lonely.

Raised sadness lower

lower to a lost pause

as desert poured in.

Tops do as you like.

Torture waiting


sublimates illusions?

Console immobility

where kissing it, declining.

Recovered refugee.

Nights of gold body fear

lets it be.

As a footprint

of masks.

In beach

fed surgery

where dared to love.

Lies bathed

and drawn

your lean sweet lens.

And the drag rushes on.

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