canvas dante

Hillock animator

emerged to inebriate

let her fingers

over here.

Jets is missing mine.

Canvas dante

mouth be thrown


mold suspended

ending continuously or.

Yes no, turning and chewing

wills to look.

Use answered tremble on.

Touched it

rested we had gulls

perpetuated meetsbelieved

el beach and dove

listen to me calling for torn

for the labored.


obeys intervals

tenderness shocked passed torn

vehement desires

where burdened.

See it again

monument hesitant taciturn



spring wings

that crack in rain.

Canceled smiling slept. Elephantine flaking

belongs indefinite

face me shot told me

subtracted by rising by raising you subtract.

Starts again by lifting can six hours.

Clear the sand.

The top me

to burn pines

match to range

from where begging once burned.

Oblivion heard spirits

little thebes null knows

high things end me

dying on sculpt. Gathered hips. Bending


the belong

old wounds to my shears.


raised maiden sing song


blessed forced a knee

to sit on one.

Also started 6.7. Requires more work. Thank you thank you for frame. Kind words.

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