Cake Walk

Argy bargy going on here between alley gaters and turtle is is is — like a theme park water whirled of passing wind — a lovely racket billy bob says.

About ? projecting beauty on surface as a condition of faith.

All the while being mined under for density, as dense as it is deep, deep meaning at tails end of “the inheritance” whose tears and terror and laughter and fucking is as deep a pool of time as it is eaten up as the broth

billy bob says you must learn to love your garbage.

untiil the moment is now, shimmering with true to its faux pas every love.

and, trusting only death.

Billy bob at all times without hesitation is open to le pessissimus, someone on street said the other day,

helplessness is attractive.

Lulu alsmot stopped in track sto take it up with the “fellow traveler.” BUt instead went to the dentist was bordering on being late.


is back on fire with dubious intention — heartistically — get up throw everything into it with fastidious relish — only to come up again and again with camus in life boat ,  alas the big fat empty — and yet and yet —/ beauty must as a method of survival find a way to appease joy — create pts of relation — in particular — climb onto the life boat — breath without let up — but to go down on “the inheritance” once again — with onan the resistance –/ alas what chuckles the clone here as peaches tree —  for the divine drama — billy bob calls flos de campi and fiddlewood —  The thing is, lulu says to bb about the not all thing and being giddy for god(s)— to Let It Be who u are where u are however that is. See soul is divine because it exists as more than just a thought — also as a “crock” a lovely brew ha ha— ok as cyclical. Folderol he says all very unlikely.

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