Vox Angelica

Bloodborn forlorn

where angels scorn enchanted

with destinys child untames the raven

and all that dust

unspeakable theanthropical lusts

where deaths fucks trucks

undaunted yens

the mirror they call Moriah.

Darkness swells

and darkness sells

torn from time

to poisons flower

breaches stretch and stretch and stretch

to streak across

that headless fire.

My outer space

is a wasteland grace

grazing stinking flood

of stolen freedom

candle and thorn

at sharks in porn

where soars erupt

through bones in head

who wish me dead —

My songs sweet lies

let it all steam thru

and reek of love

that hopeless fuel

caress my wings

unrepentant throng

unbreathable things

how they scrape along.

Heavens many obscene twists

coursing through

a zoomorphic nativist

along with all its angelic swine

tangles my feet

in the body of time.

Grift that vox angelica church

where beauty is bound to wind

and the fallen arise with oblivions mercy

a song to its slippery sins.


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