Visibility Collapse


Vagrant, a fodderers
Mounty phantom looting

in stemmy pursuit
of gad incipient trills:

Ahoy the nill to spill and
frill your bill

with Scatterers Bounty.
Too bad too sad, shock therapy 

as I lay mooning
and spooning

pall its vittles
and what naught.

A troper of doom
drinking to impress

the will & the wobbly
a noble distress.

Meantime anxious to find
powers to unwind

whereat meets 
riven angle

struck in hapless pose
where beautiful unruly

with oblivion

a loud and speechless hum 
in Cabana 51.

Feet against fan
head hot and slick

couldn't sleep, you see
after getting sick.

Get up
and walk out 

across winter lawns
to battle for dawn

cold air heightens
pave and hard 

to the matadors

where rub the stone
of old Wild West 

where took the liberty 
to impale the blessed.

tra la collusion 

& always that hint
of  unforequenchable ruin. 

Exceptionally bad 
worse than sad 

right at that nix.
Where visibility collapsed

into stereo TIP

Blood and poverty
of rhyme

purging forlornery
crossing sublime.

Mystery base 
gathers here today

a Travel Trailer Bunny 
a Dolly Operator
a vegetable for gardening.

Entry entry
visibility unnamed.

Yet willing to crook
scale marsh & mallow

for haunting hook.
& cop a reel 
& collapse with zeal

where booze hounds airborne
dacoits ego ideal.


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