Vampire’s Char Le Main 🥃

Something bountiful
beautiful, angry hungry 

beating back 
a petulance of demons

rangy elixir 
collapsing into the night,

snares air 
touches rapture 
phantom and lair

seeds a flood
of antimatter.

Eye to sweet 
sic sense, heightened
up on ceiling
caught red handed. 

Get down. Get down
get down from there.

Monkey lamb
let loose, juiced -
Holy cruces! 
doubles back 

takes measurements 
all thermal attenuations  
interhemispheric displacements
earthward sense datum.
Corners disbelief
where trysts embalm
throwing shadows 
after elephant fangs

love and death
a Vampire's breadth --

Patch over eye
colors worm through skin 
hazards into repeat

banking off
felonious forms
inborn porn

sweet and sly
also crabapple pie.

All hope charges 
after beautiful lie
cup short 
or end games

its a slippery sky
plunders loop 
batten down the cunt.

Slopes of love
on the hunt
as blunders mount
a brig of dunes 

generative quotients
fill my ply
freedom fawning

cussed peeps
and all I sigh,

and a want
to weep, or dine 
with thieves

ensnare a feast 
out beyond 
heroic extremes?

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