St. Valentines J Unk Mail

Thwart a port ?

Solemnly snare.

U till eyes u till eyes.

Subbing the plot.

Submerging the dirging

reinventing the wheel

uncorking strains

playing in trains.

Blake at the lake

sharing excesses.

Verecunds flambeau.

Hello hello hello.

Show up anyway.

Glowing and rotten with it.

Down we go.

Ashes to ashes

bim bin sin

sterile is

my nonaggression?

Consumptive for fruit

titling under the lobe

levitating code.

Puss ill animous,

stride u late,

autonomies of scale.

Burners burners.

Libanomantic texts.

Reading n trails.

Skunk foodies manna?

Greedy tongue flowmeter


Rebus and arcana.

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