Swill Bot of Days

HMMMMMM – cut out half of it, not bad — almost.

Luft for a crime
the rabbit sublime 

dug up
a shell purplish blue.

Something inside
will not confide

barking banal
like a tube swarm of pride.

Crazy and broke
chasing smoke

a license
to burn.

in chasms of shine

gutting sorrows
inconsolable finds.

Stacked attacked
azure bounty of mutiny

on the absurd.

Spur & spurned flowed 
from same glowing worm.

Shriek sacred ardor
muzzled to its lift

grammar grimoire

Cravings willow-wallow
in wing over and over

as love and death
does its thing.

Throws down
a brink

down down,
drink drink.

A fever
for neckmolds

lucky charmed.

Bot down the days
panicky for your gaze.

Pangs morbid
at whatever the breach  

stoic, amazed.


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