Titillation of The Absurd

Dismissing what pines 
for beauty,

as pigs squealing 

hang glider 
dying to fly

ends up
sends up

with the murderously 

out in loan zone  
of crest and calumny 
and contempt. 

After terror 
hypnotized me,

transforms the lust
into crashes and dashes

head laying 
on sink spinning, 
courage courage.

White outs

your walls 

a drunk

However burned
with lies or tries

the fragility 
of my fleeing 
to your mercy 

was in spite
of its longing to be free.

A fugitive, 
a clam digger 
a darner of socks 
a sic in the sky, astro naught --

Angelic perversions
pirating the seas

the ecstatic mind
reaches in yours 
for the reachers in mine --

Pining for resilience
not to collapse
to release me from 
hells sacrificial traps
absurd lays uncured
in grasp of our mortal bind

however abound 
in grace and torture

of the sublime.

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