Thousand Days of the Dead

Spirit came

couched at wandering altitudes

yet bounded bounded


by punters in my cunt taunting

romantic conspiracies


worthy of naught

hatchery caught

the ephectic

onslaught. Every pending


hinging on a fuck

a duck

a muck

with views

on the transgressive.

The balm balm mind

ate itself in flashes.

Clustering agenticity

cloven to bold absurdities.

Goes full came u

throwing stones

collecting bones

dancing along

the muster of catacombs

throwing flowers

at golden grue.

Walk with stick

into the seas

where madness

quips rips

as freedoms quandary.

Leaks and strays

logs, betrays

the parasitoid

the substitute.

Bats turn

into holy vats

and dunners wage

fiery whirl

animates wheel.

Pile ups ingulf

achilles heal.

Rotter whiler

still snapping teeth

at flit-by butterflies

head in a wobble

glowing with disgrace.

Every fire every flower

falling into dead of night

where pull it in tight.

A magnetized maze

in flux of light.

Let wan scant vent

the wastrel crow

relishing toxicity

of glut and flow.

Always, always open

to that one last scrape.

Of din at your skin.

Puckery poach of weight.


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