Sweetie not –

crash dive, eaten alive


by torments bound

to Insect Wheel,

Coffin Fly that lays


boute-selle with visions

meat and chuck,


as terrors tightening

mount & f&ck –


bull markets

peak leak heap corrupt!


Profound & deadly

with dismay.


Not stop butterflying

the escaping wind,


whose terrors subsume

a carthorse of sin –


Love – fret and staunch,

countless taunts


what so costly

raises the skin!


Not leave again

this joint under-served


as dawn still cocks

where reapers converge


dares serpent-volant

to waltz back in –


As resorts from heaven

frisson a sly boots grin.


Forlorn, and hapless?

this willful musth


circles like flies,

impotent? restless –

No – arise! now arise!


Buggy? mazed maudlin

shaken & stirred –


Not kick over the vortex?

not swallow the bird –

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