Rape of the Crock

First rhyme ever sent

caused pain –

soulful literary gallant

hung up on me

never spoke to me again.


In poetry hung

a deadly fore-edge –

did not comprehend

bloody ravening demonographer

sword swallowing my pen.


Its brazening out

after hungers raw tragic meat –

beset with lash

turbulent flashes

bonking sacred crucifixions

hog wild gallows heat.


A haunted herd

of dense neurotic nimbo

terror beauty martyry –


Spirits rose and balked

at the throws –

fey shadowy torture

din sinister abandon

beggarly bottomless pits.


A swoon sepulchral

of illaqueate infinites.


Love kneeling beside

wan lugubrious insurrections

turning with contempt

sinking into cunning swirls of sorrow –

contrary doleful unrepentant.


Hermes, that divine conveyor

of underworld souls

reverser of hooves, subsequently –

upturned the whole bowl

staging hunger and grief

to wisdom of a thief.


Heedless flowers

balled up, inhaled

at safecrack in crime.


Guardian ghosts

of the indomitable,

sweet predatory riprap

preconscious and subline –


Outfallen, fang thief

infibred obduracy of rhyme.


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