Try before you buy

V2.8 thinking this needs to be revised, divvied up, maybe belongs in 3 sep poems. 

All is gall
gull and skull.

Slides down helter skelter
for tools of love 

it takes and takes
a thank you rates

considers it a gift?
Death becomes 

this new circumference.
As it matters at all!

that it peaks and falls
rides the horses out there

for that something
eaten by the hounds.

And grows and grows
despite the veils

stuck inside
an echoing whale

into something worse
fragile frantic, hungry cursed?

Filled with doubt
slow as molasses turns it out

begs for mercy
heil and curtsies.

Concerned Mountie warns:
tamp it down!

Full blast hosers?
spin her round!

The fascination
never dims.

That's its spectacular
uncorruptible sin.

Just rearranges
unhappy lims.

Chuckles the Mask
chin to feather

could be in for some
remarkably bad weather

sure looks choppy
over the channel.

Don't go don't do it 
stay in!

Too late.
Packages already went out
priority freight.

Smarmy but not particularly

repeat just tries to be neat
repeat just tries to be neat.

Either way
hey or nay

smell of your food
needs must venture and brood

makes wild
and fiery skin.

Meet you tonight
in the abandoned bathrobe

with a candlestick
and a bottle of gin.

Bunny with orange scarlet
letters in her darling blue hair

deny, confide,
destroy, beware.

Fiddle and sticks
bang the bed pans
take a risk

we knows its a pother
can't give up
can't give in -

Every squander & lurch
a Sysiphusian thirst

that eternal inverse.
Twice in a day -

made dead,
leaves aghast.

Heats up, bubbles over!
trembles at the blasts.

A recurrent fever bursting
reilluminates the flask.

And sets the feys
to task.


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