Pride Ride Hide Side 🧤

Titles are things 
that chase me down 
speaking to themselves 

mumbling ungraciously 
in search of
what goes on

that spills into 
a gorge
ponderous with duty 

and creepy lusts 
for busting out 
of the rad had mad sad bad...

Shadows hanging
at altars mythics 
after high high peaks 

and the holy hell 
where beget the kiss 
at doors of heavens' 

ruling fists 
of love and death
where sorrows 
cussed masks make lists.

Pouring water down
your pants 
my kafka plants
devolving evolving 
into flames
delusion rains 
hammer and the heartbreak 

that capture 
sod and rapture
and fizzles with heat
the losses too proud 
for suicide
to eat.

The never leave
running into action
accepting proposals
for familiarity
and defeat?

Hide behind lemon aid
and standing by 
where kiss your sky
to its beast

a den for rends
remember how to be friends
for fuck sake mad hatter

trill and grumble my heart out
with visiting gateway 
to rut and runt and speakeasy 

let the red out of my face
and the riggers who battle 
the wan pasticheur 
spoony crocus and 



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