Unfold, unfold

the mutant and bold

with freedoms’ prejudice.

Vermiculous glows flow

into mystery mongering

whatever the electronegative.

Let’s fall in love.

Marry your order.

Meet at the border.

Pending the oscillate

yes, no. Sun, gun and game show.

How inclements spike

with mysterious elegance

the redness of the rose

does violence to a nose.

Defends elements of sin

that buffet and buffer

against my skin.

Heightens the hose

everywhere it goes.

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  1. Area 52

    Many thanks for sharing

  2. ttkk uky jhf

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  3. Monah Hercules Leibman

    Good luck to your blog as I continue to follow regularly. Monah Hercules Leibman

  4. Ihr Artikel ist lesenswert. Adorne Gamaliel Krefetz

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