In An Anonymous Nutshell ✅

Hell silent as an eggshell
whispered sounds 
profound and sin

taunt and grazed
a rave blue oblivion.

From out of a sully murk
cruel beautiful fancies 
blunt & gloomy with desire

tantalized, impelled 
a sordid blue reign 
a dystopian umpire.

Through dread walls thick 
with daily woe 
there willed a flame
to breach that urgency
that mortal vein

to upend all feedlots
back and fill 

flank & whisk the abyss 
a riot blue, ill.

Wave after wave 
of supernatural death

obscene usurpations
sweet drunk on it!

A steady blue eddy
of melancholy throws 
crying and dying
all bumbled & crowed - ? 

With staggering storm 
engulfed the sublime
at twilights fanning precipice

a defiant rupture
a violent blue tenderness.

An avenger 
for the languor 
for the plodding and grind
trafficking in fevers
draws a bottom line.

Deregulating the misery 
where sweet tantrums keep

that grey-eyed affliction 
burning wave-like 
and steep. 

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