Jar and Feather 🧤

Badland thumps 
through my brain
born of rain

screamers elect
to disappear
into the fear
into the flame.

A finger runs down
the saw of fire
as slices up
my anterior brain.

Blight goddess arises
sweet wan host
a rhythm method
for burning toasty.

Float up,
float up --
makes the dashes glow

all that love
just surplus coney
roiled and riled
coyote lonely.

Violets dig in
at bitter shoots
violent spasms
flatter and loot

stop I scream
its making me dream --

Stand up  
stand up

don't be a liar
don't be desire
don't be anything

be still as nil
that's a skill.

Love stirs the hive
from the nil
or hell breaks loose
where flowers kill.

Deaden the anger
to a twilit glow
and tip toe across
the magic to a sloom 

count to ten
and let the bloody

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