Honey chopped

Draft 4.5  

Demons shocking giggle
with irked delight -

Me, I just try to find
language for it

that is humorous
& yet - reconciled

to itself as pure

Urgency is to see it
to see it

as fathoms themselves
sounding for waves

pure burls
of the presumptive,

what in a way -
is its own self-parody. 

Perscriptibly assuming 
bearers of the sublime

as sweet meat 
for the mine 

as slip in dip
at lip of jar 

right on the image
bleeding resolved.

Naughty demons
lining/mining the trenches

for Lucy
an angel
on that dotted highwire

a collusion of faith 
where burdens eerie & leery
fatelessly irrigate. 

And beauty
in a wash out
churns it to fodder

eats me for breakfast
if and when -
I can't stop her.

Criss crossing nectars 
that Chaucer seduced

in the name of love 
on a mission impossible
to be not aloof.

However horror or 

fumbles humbles 
& I lose it,

scream out please g-d 
take me now!
(fuck you all) screw it.

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