Pasta La Vista

Meet me
in a bar afar.

Rustle me out
of this ocean wreck,

urchin for tools
Bering Strait.

Meet me
on the Bridge of Sighs

bell and the fog
harrow and cark.

Kiss a grace
of this hour and face.

Pull me out
of this can of fire.

Every needling thirst
blooming into an hypnotic curse

ruck and lurking
atoning with desire

pander and thunder
and wonder and plunder

hot and sullen
a chariot to fire.

Bad to sad
driving me mad!

Gunning for livery
fell in too low!

caught like a fuckwit
in the murderous undertow

fiendishly bled
colors of Tupelo -

Lightening lit,
and there I woe!

Keeper of the flame?
Dancing across the lane.

Struck a mortal vein.
Piercing the Sublime,

robbed me of my mind.

Outside of reality
foibles of my fatality

grew slubs on lime
as graces apprehending

and the divine

vomit or comet
or emptiness of the sky

a forge alerts
the contraries

with the tiger.

And screaming stop me
stop me stop me

bunnies track
every crime.

Turned my turtle
on her spine

every pose and evil
came to chase

spinning angels
in their place.

of the absurd

on run
from oceanic blindness

puzzling with its truancy
and timelessness.

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