Hasta La Vista


Meet me
in a bar afar.


Rustle me out
of this ocean wreck,


urchin for tools
Bering Strait.


Meet me
on the Bridge of Sighs


bell and the fog
harrow and cark.


Kiss a grace
of this hour and waste.


Pull me out
of this can of fire.


Toil inflames
every bleeding thirst


to pander and shame
vain & sullen with desire.


Bad to sad,
driving me mad!



Gunning for “liberty”
fell in too low!

caught like a f%ckwit
in the murderous undertow


fiendishly bled
fire engine red,


worshipful nippers?
lube & stow –


colors of necrotic pulp –
womp womp – woe –


Lightening lit
weeping tragic!


keeper of the flame?
Sorrows rave & gluttonous


piercing The Sublime,
struck a portal vein.



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