For Hire

Draft 2.2

Intently to the indefinite 
echoing murmur 
bribes an opaque belt of shadow 
& the temple 
Screaming Electron 
of two telescopes
a little bottle in it.

at some marvels 
from spent wood,
resist it, elect another.

Strange devices 
upon gaudy shields catch weight 
sheep-keeping business
at clever shaping of thought 
and this waste of ammunition.

Phantom taking off 
planes which atmosphere 
imagined universe 
and all through night 
serpents crawl
came the breathless earth.

Avenging efforts 
irritated horror
to identify, transcribe 
know such twenty things. 

Ready to ride 
spread the alarm 
a golden arrow
dawning skies 
broke the fragrant avenue
like ossicles
chained to benches.

A good many miracles 
shall fall into mercy
the vessel
the sailmaker 
the far caverns 
virile garb.

Passing whimsical 
a thousand thousand shapes
desirable or detestable.

The blind down
the enemy miserable 
the cowboy thundered down 
hurried, nervous away 
no weather boat 
no con, no cave - escaped. 

The dervish 
anoints a right eye 
each morning the task
a man standing 
in his chimney 
with noble emotion.
No hand 
but the blistering task 
should ply
to do something better 
than vegetate 
with the animals.

Clatter, never forgotten 
a bottle marked into the river 
souls afflicted with ten kinds. 

Nothing in the world 
would induce 
empty reaches 
sparkled under high sun 
between high walls 
charming as the clouds of dawn
bears it until breakfast-time.

At ends of ropes
some docilely
some raging 
left upon a time
scent of infernal flowers 
doctrine of the circles 
irresolution and despondency.

Where world is the face 
instinctively covered 
deposited for the remainder 
and opened on the chain. 

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