Everything & Silence

Begin. Again,

Every different perception

of knows

who you are.

Doubles points —

Another sign —

roadwork ahead.

Four is more than nothing.

Opening up

open open up…

why is pie and fly for the sky.

Called out her name.

Jaws and paws.

Time and again.

Met with everything

there is (to know about nothing)

amid secret orders

a crises of silence.

Always the flame

or spinning in a frame.

Palm to sun

shoots at tree with

a faulty gun. A song

can make amid ruins

a life of hyphens.

A black convertible red leather interior.

A case of fish and chips.

An old long argument.

Across the car lot.

A burger came out of the beef.

Colors bold and

skirting with mischief.

A phobia for heights.

Lizards with wings

are often legless.

How many deaths

along this pile on?

Murder by hornet.

Eyeing daily

wanderers examining

every sensations duration —

supposed predators

promising ice.

Large and white

appears overnight.

With hopes to survive

the next random five.

Coffee and rapture.

Things could be worse.

Lengths go to remain short.

Always a first.

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