Edges and Holes


Saucepan on head.

Not easily acquired.

Mouth taking a bath.

Their way or highway

whatever that means

tusk tusk allow for

blinking lights antenna

loud snaps. Joy counting heads

floating in pool. Head or alive.

Calculator has history for opening windows

all on its own… External scars

prove more bird than fish.

Bed of nails. Trash in spare time. Tart lemonade.

Dump unquenched.

Not her longing.

Check back tomorrow.


Life drank.

Life it spit out.

Was still a life?

Hard labor all day waiting

your move

your move

gazelle in a savannah.

Third bottle


Joy hoped retain

road to strangeness.

Argument, the parking lot.

So long. Thanks for the colonies

fig-leaf couture.


Ham booger ham booger

out of beef.

Never underestimate

willingness. Throw under sun.

Battle of the bathing suits.

How should be worn.

Excepting fate.

Beach as the kite flew.

Jaw and cabbage.

Grief for a love with no place to go.

Empathy vs sympathy.

But I hate people.

Pink as a house.


Accidents universal.

Flesh-colored yoga pants.

Charity gig.

Towels sup up sewage

flowing in from behind the door.

Wall full of death masks

could wear a different

every 216th time.

This is the last.


Crash of car through

the garage. Colored in deep space.

A soft burning yellow.

Hid the watch as men.

Cried for their diamonds.

Devil created red sparkly glitter.

You pay for your lifestyle

in hours. Folding as

a rental rolled to a stop.

On a dark road.

Piercing the window.

By mere millimeters.

Dangerous exchange.

Of hats. Glass tears.

At swim ballet.

Machine learning.

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