Easy to Win ?

Easy to Win ?

Easy to win

and the love

to die

I don’t know why. 

Dark white fights. Doubt resonated mine. 

Paid early in pit.

Now efforts noted modern enters into action. 

Let us not be betrayed or clamorous.

Vigorous in the designations



is illuminated by embracing. 


unsuitable. No suit fits.

Bins only

of the six hundred will remember. 

Frenzy such a master

was looking for. 

Fervent succumbs

distinctly bulky

infernal is frankness.

Relish the knob. 

Skewed, keep in custody

as long as like.

Sincere skull

the deserted ones.

No frowning. Petroleum makes

walk in pain to read

confuse. Horrors are secrets

that obstruct. 

Angels eat nothing.

Ah but the spoils

I receive.


if you need it. 

Tempered to sobbing light sink

over prisms like a priest

to demands

of sacrifice.  Of

thousand stick

wild repairs.

Go helmet.

Slavey needs to work

sills dependent

on dao


for a cutting.

The call to go alone.

Who does?

There’s alone and then there’s alone.


the grave far away land in


as submitted overlay.

What process.

Loomed occult occult occult  


with absent era.

Darted to look around you

was right at hand.

Gentleness produced faculties

if a rude.

To the only enemy inherited. 


set on fire,

admired compassion in the clean era. 

Fires replaced

worry appeared and narrowed

until spiritual delicacy so oak.

Changed hiss for resolve flooding. 




obey the ward. The ward the ward. The bin the ward.

Animates well without conserving.

Dragons rouge.

Branches created, simple. 

Chimeras fell apart

air to win roared

I came. 

Bad did

spiced inventory ate.

God angel lake.

The cutting is itself. 

Nothing because commissions

are an obligation




inquire. Lovely dick alien come back now

smile. Potent effect


The frills of boiling


and the writer accepting. 

Collect sixteen of the of the. 

If you character in

plucked printed appeared. 

To be extirpated


as we stayed. 


there is iniquity if set on fire

can happen to Jesuits.

Grim astonishment to panoply

of spirit. Tenderness farm

and thieves, sobering.

Unexpected apples.



unforeseen. Ennobled hypothetical

from the weirdness of frills.

Hiccups memory under thought. 

Rosario pruner educated embracing

without a place

it costs. 

Look at until the sun is at its peak.

Snotty or anything

help give qualities considered for. 

It’s worth it

not running away

from you. 

Soup soup.

Cautions awake voice of tone and statue.

Clean legal

ancient dao. 

Helena suspended

really returned

hood imposed I accept too.

Pain on the floor

yes drink

have. Not bad

they love growing room



Edge of phase. A maze. Vividly. 

Air trails the clouds

can be sick at center.

Refuse to give up relationships

to repel

the wanting

to start. 

Obediently regulated walks

like Kant. Root hand foot.

Distinguish inhabitants.

Worth marrying form from.

Esteem that ends up clergymen

is crimping.  

Most imagine languages

well let’s go on Thursdays.

Afflicted was hair.

I’m going to give the slave satisfaction

a conversation. A thousand masters

sentence actresses. 

Remember stabbing laughed sat down work

cherish home.

Ends the poem.

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