Cat Among the Ruins

Cat Among the Ruins

By Dusty Hope

O, how she thrives

on wonder sprees

a greedy loam

for honeycomb.

Lust raids in gusts

forever reborn,

and cursing its redemption.

Enemy savors

battle conditions ?

riddled and piddled

with reasons for hate.

Crotchets carrying off

the lame. To scratch at door

and scuttle and howl.

Misery playing fowl.

Tameless the nameless

endless plots knots hots

to abstain,

why stop the moon

from crying.

Veers among your straits

plucky, wicked and wrying

between beauty and trying.

Storms the worm,

to capture its fern.

Gaping with wackjobs

and frigids

how illuminates the rigid.

Mewls pry cry fly.

Stay play weigh openings

and the bottomless.

Commando defenders

of nill shill and fill ?

how the sky rockets.

How hummingbirds

flutter till death.

Debacles fall into

flames of resistance,

alarmingly infected

with avowals of anguish

leaping with litany

liberating screams

climbing through dreams.

Air death-dizzying

hold outs, and flash burns



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