Beauty that burns 🥃

Beauty that burns
turns unruly
raft like wings
tethered to the sky.
Drizzling sizzles
in schisms
of passion, naysay
& fury –
Hell before heaven,
its raining fire.
Wild reckless misery
a standoff - rebuke.

Wary the lonesome fighter
softhearted, big blighter -
Holy terrors ? 
exilic bloodlust 
both primate and lute -

An incendiary rage
wildly protracted,
sacred captive ?

Ravenous and blinkered
passions acute !
volatile, vulnerable 
and resolute !

Burningly metagrabolized,
this divine recruit ?
demons erupted
alight and aloof. 


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  1. what does it mean to be spiritual
    family yoga

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