13 A Purple Matter

And these lean curves 

escorts sacred slope

wine laughter faith night 

polygons be polygons

rider by water. 

Wagons tracing shadows

where air ends

arouse condemns

vivid strangled wall.

Lips twitching thrown

swell of chalk

will ugliness burst them?

Altar sadly circles

hardened region.

Rifles frizzy fire

edge blows

marmalade furrows

surprise —

No longer dreading look

at knees of faith?

No dreaded sound over abundance

again and again.

Balls on bad roads.

Executors parading brightly.

Progress. Pain dance short tone.

Memories —

ripping off

twelve little green jet.

Halted, forest puddles —

give nations.

Hundred created.

Feeriques polygons

suspended boxes

justice, that.

Howls sweep tracing cap

fervent parterre

frenzied wall workers

piled up end of carpet

lightning open

peak to Poe.

Laughter away

bill blow

laughter away

mistrust and flags

siren stores won willows


Lights up

shoes, courage devils with poverty.

Hives and shadows river

a water drill

that drunk through

tore a thousand.

Color laughs

fire kept raised

crying streets parakeets,

stuck kicking the rails.

Whistles lattice

flourish dream we took

force carries nose by night

primroses reaching reckless, catch-fires.

Cheeks pressed by beggars

for net survivors.

Everything does nothing.

Cannon tops ends these ones by.

Depths or whole.

Bridges heartbroken hold

shooting positions

bitterness promptly.

Shoes or materials or joyful.

Animals regiments rifles nest.

Arches yelling hissing times.

Chest threw out.

Ravines bonnet

in a drop and circle

shimmers branches against.

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