12 Snowflake Filling Cracks

Fiery fury. Gallop gallop.

Frequent du lit nose push push push

back on building

sap ling-ling had to enter.

Violets when undead of head

come up from sleep

shadows on wall

the final call.

Penetrant pieces conquest

arouse courage violets metal

the green gun.

Dover come rover electric

pretty prisoner roll call.

Comes radians out out.

Form degrees to angles.

Distributed cuffs and collars.

There parades the enemy enemy enemy.

Bright envelopes frantic end

pinned inside a statuary

begging for it to stop.

Cherished pressed tense

with clearings hard ground him.

Lacquer and fire.

Couplers and belts.

Removals. Go white.

Astonishment grew

patiently and sweat. 

Scattered soul reddened. 

Game must dress and dream

the night, will out.

Hunt suffers bloody cartridges.

Angel waters esplanade

create perimeter to thicken

and think. Colors uninhibited.  

A trestle for passions, pale horror.

No hurrying indescribable.

Wind stiffens. Tangible boulevard


Alternate nets.

Wall of love.

Def con reflections

in red ear reaches for alterior.

Braves borders

suffering dazzling bracelets

misery drapes, glow and jets.

Reckless sad frenzy

slap of purple matter.

Dread summers, assassins, triggers, infamy.

Swords knees not waters.

Hard broken stuff. Credit slips from fingers.

Mill the placa, mill the beasts.

Grimaces radiant strangled island bursting.

One came such, for each.

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