Sweetie, not abandon

this zeal,

to detachment and doubt.


Faith, will always

need heed

your sipid recounts.


For torments bound

to an Insect Wheel,

a Coffin Fly that lays


boute-selle with visions

meat and chuck,

as terrors tightening

mount & f&ck –

bull markets

peak leak heap corrupt!


Profound & deadly

with dismay.


Not stop butterflying

the hungry wind,

whose terrors denude

this feral sin.


Love fret and staunch,

countless taunts

what so costly

raises the skin!


Not leave again

this joint under-served

as the dawn still cocks

where reapers converge

dares serpent-volant

to waltz back in –

as signs from the heavens 

unleash a hardbitten grin –


Forlorn, and hapless?

this willful insatiety

circles like flies,

impotent, restless –

No – arise! now arise!


Buggy? mazed maudlin

shaken & stirred –


Not kick over the vortex!?

not swallow that bird –