Rape of the Crock

First rhyme ever sent

(to an acquaintance with books

in his kitchen cabinets)
caused unreal pain.


Dude hung up on me

never spoke to me again.


In poetry hung
a deadly fore-edge. 


Did not comprehend

the dancing demonographer

stalking my pen.


Skidding along like a log

misty waters endometric 

lash-turbulent flashes 

killer dense fog!


Loneliness brazened out

for hungers raw tragic meat

chomping through floodplains

flurry pitch balk & flee.


Heartbreaks fey shadowy torture

shy quavery din sinister

rape of the lock, wanchancy

rupture of the deep.


Bemazed unreformable

my scarlet runners

sly dense spongers,

unrelenting & ever astonished

f&ck-wit niaf.