Rape of the Crock

First poem ever sent
caused pain


boy hung up angry,

never spoke to me again –


In poetry hung
a deadly fore-edge 


did not apprehend

the dancing demonographer


stalking my pen –

Its frailty skidding


along like a log,

misty waters endometric, 


dense flashes, spray – fog!

Loneliness brazened


through floodplains

flurry, balk & heat.


But nothing 

outdeuced heartbreaks


fey shadowy torture

shy quavery, din sinister


rape of the lock

rupture of the deep –


Bemazed unreformable

misdread – delirament


sly dense glutton, niaf

scarlet runner, unsquarable –


fiery f&ck-wit thief.

Golden Mole 


lickerous & apocalyptic,

dying dying dying –


oh to be lief!