Pie in Sky’s The Limb It


Planning! Using y’all. Every step of way.

Giving in and calling the glow flakes — fakes for saken bakes. Gonna mock flock stock knock. found the baseline – is about chars flakes chars themselves have fakes. doubling the mold mod squad. like notes think of rhyme as change in notes. thats for the poem — working on a poem at same time.

First letting rhyme slime all over it sense condense a way forward includes poe the hysteria — dickens does too up front. working that top part now. but Clarice will want in on. Not there yet.

Trying to get myself to read pk dick for little details and reading a Faulkner bio instead?? got from new mid Manhattan library. they refurnished all the books for the reopening. NICE. If your a new orker suggest a visit.

Colettes see if can bring in some love for the thems as condition of body being pulled by hellectrons, goyle gulled by need seed, also brain feed, not just damn to non existence as vanishing, and incendiary devours with gloom. In Sylvia shock waves, I call her Poe pulling in the hard blow. But thats top of the line, thats base at top, I dont know. having a think thru.

Joanie too. boo radley rue hue moo crew. but parts of Emille now and Clarice on top holding puppet muppet tough its. Mournful mound mania drunken slipppp y.

I think of other artists now as socks and knocks and building blocks. I love to drink from the water fountain?! How could I have been so stupid. But then again. That spirit journey thing came for me, from all the fuck over, from hunter from burroughs from Pessoa even, from Carlos Castaneda who I had a fair delicious read thru in mountains heartbroken. American Indians stories more important to me than moses. They let the animals in, as well as nonsense, moses down the river in a raft muses straight into ophelia, Indians told nonsense stories, for gaffs and laffs. car toons here have a religious way into meaning.

And then see if can do emille spiel break outs from — jimminy crickets its the distance he didle doo am hefter, emille be good heater yah. tink u. he rejects buddha bodys detachment being able to overtake deadly feuding with beauty deep in the hearts of tick offs and die, etc. In a way hi the seeker of dead pie, finds very berry. I dont necessarily think as he do rue. stuff where shut off language with castanado gave me hallucies. spirit stuff is cagey these days. pulled back from all brinks except where tinker belle thinks.

MMM time to steal some phrase hunting on emille. Yeah. And also Wittgenstein for math job — thats right, he pulls a math job on philosophy with Bertrand near by, witts philo categorically cross sectioning propositionals using symbolic logic but its almost all done with words — holding witts up against emilles wild auras — that could be humorous too… along with American Death Valley.

In murder ballad see if I can hit a slide with cave really really like his turns and hold it just until drop.

Still calling it pynchonanalyzing.

Couldnt get away with that in skool so ya know had to skull mull with (riding) bulls (stealing hearts…) goes far back. admit its absurdist playground dilemma. poe hysteria mystery mmm camus noble nectar heading out towards genet, I never actually let genet through yet only very carefully

Paris review and mcsweeneys. Anything in Ireland? mmmmm. can do craft in Ireland. And get something to granta which is uk. there’s also a Pandemic started rag am thinking to send to, they do dailies. Esp with poems eh??

Gonna remake my country as a murder ballad?! oooooh says the sink in time ohhhhh. knock on wood.

Going after Paris review classy, but its closer to me academics, have already xd the mcsweeneys? in the work I let it drop…. can pull that back later.

Hmmmmmm. Can I get it to murder ballad. Research first.

Please fi fi let char further car. Not classy — but come from academic. Thats my cover. Not classy. Sing song rhymer. Just am. The airs deliver. And are maneuverable in many ways, can easily bring in slide outs. I think about that shit.

Oh Sexy Sadie. we love her she’s dirty ish. do mad sling with colette 1 — hmmmm no, wrong century? please remember — gumption to talk dick is a char who gets its beauty from life, hi attaches (brings in math marm to cool the fool) hmmm genet, save save save genet for last. who loves despite horror with glee, he has that medieval height for sacred elements flowing thru to millefleurs.

still thinking sending Clarice to Pa, its gotten into the cotton candy. I give Clarice out a lot. I just do. Stop worrying it will hurt them. It won’t hurt them —

I am not where I was with Burroughs — that lonely ride out to the goonies and boonies, touching madness, grasping a way back in to think from the murderous outlands where fell through alice and ate and ate and ate and ate like coyote stealing kill joy for food and hog eye exploding in waves of violent death, been lady in lake for years now with fresh mesh for presh. oh how I loved that, what did he call it again — “interzone” — “a notorious liquefactionist.”

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