Kick Over Chair

Rotten profess the kind who are kind in practice enuff for to impart as randy dandy candy, what arrives with crusty sweetness, as to my roll around in the visiting tongue. With delight, at the mangy sharp practice, but it wont do me any good? Yes it does yes it did. Heaven forbid.

Heaven is a haven for damn the kudos, spray yen seed of potato, I head. I am the head of? Yeah. Head here gammma lamba head in con junction with feeding of the nearly almost walking talking dead. Self hate is a part of every revery or is it a blessing? Stop with the religious. I cant. Its not lost its hydrated.

Whom so ever and the never, knocks. Did it matter. Sure, everything matters.

Never forgot, no he didnt, no you didnt, no not really, its now back in present tense. Without diminishing past. Fall back position is a Pessoa on the links floating around in cherry ferry with the merry. Or is it merry ferry with the cherry. Coexistence among writers is a distribution chart.

Andrew has a question.

Unsettling, acts of pet u lance Verse-Sigh. Singularities of contrast and vicissitude, it is a labor to bury the sloth in drink or driving, rhyme of hardiness and athwart my fem kit lot slit fit nit pit hit me up sunshine.

Would she come to him ever once out of the grave, sure — thousands of dead pie why, why not why not, kill it, for brunch, share some wings, hutch clutch badger and Newton. Not run away. Or make sure its somewhere else.

Out of the night? whose night. The night is prank and vent. Aye eye I. The rave-ages, dilutes of savages, infectious with detection. I believe in props and propagation of pagan moire syncretism —

Throw baby on a soft plank for a nap — Lay aft there, now there now there, take charge of the cucumber, are there cucumbers in my head? Yes they lay eggs!

Captain, sitting in his cabin. Scanty provision per other biscuits who trisket for the measuring of the joy division gloam in their broth elles and s’nappies. On the high road to Cant stand tin no pole, strength and character, Schopenhauer on color, guards guards.

For his side, satisfied, that the conceived and the deceived with solemn asseveration, well sited in bottles for flagging of formula duly porned scorned in formed, and the rest of me who are capped ifs?

Put to the sword; requires constant target practice, bury deserters in dirt up to their heads to obtain security for toot ledge of the oft repeating noire and storage for threading embedding a sparkling cast of missed takes.

First impulse is to turn away, but a better feeling almost immediately animated him: and, hastening to the nearest grove, he broke off and hollowed out a grave for the eraser head knave, slinky down the stairs to a saddle for crossing the desert sands.

8. sect. Footnote 9: Iliad.

Fearful and suspicious, were convened at the ninth hour; commands to visit every quarter of the city. With general illumination, for the captain kicked over his chair. Stop there, stop there, dashing along the front waving his crop. Hence, feel a worthy pride in the monuments and have taken steps to preserve such of them as care enough to survive.

Pans are lured into the ponderous deep, cans are lanterns that glow for glue, corners and walls, stalls and falls.

Gates any longer have fled away into the subterranean trembling at the altar. Out by the out house, at entrance to secret garden wherein relies and supplies the hopeful, explosive with daisy.

If a heavy-enough insect lands on a flower, its petals fly apart, releasing its stamens flying upward with explosive force blasting the visitor, sending grains (of pollen) off into the wind…

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