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Literature is a habitat for me now, a breathing organism. Tho one of oceanic starkness and darkness still, it has come to assume again a threshold of immanence — A decorum of intimacy, that puts ear to sluice of page, like Fitz and Zelda, Proust and his mum, or young Baudelaire riding his elephant.

To infest invest behest with rapport and gesture of a stir prizing fluency — as a precocity of endless love and abiding f’wend ship.

Its incumbrance and stealth, visits upon me now, as something of a shared bagpipe — Hi calls the bringingness of thingness — Constance has become less leery of carriers and more hut hatched.

Outright now interleaves as an ambit of my living for its fiction, theoretically cunning punning yes even in receipt of the stunning, and by virtue of that:

Hexceptional, in re milieu intérieur vis a vis its hyperreality — as to say — a sort of magic realism.

And So On

Pur tin netly, not so much hexperienced, fois moi, as obligation — but as shared intensities that are open schema to subjoin, and so to hexplore, luxuriate in, alas ductus arteriosus, with literati digerati, where crop dusts the void. 

Yes as if alighting on, to fair mind with, out “at limits” of pure persistence, where can attend / attend to, track out and trace after: priorities pylon. 

Mahhhhvelous way for dealing with baudriardisms re the “obscene” scheme and sheen of simulacra and simulation, and as a working macrocosm, in league with media ophedia. 

Metaphorically — porn suborn folorn through the air with as cavalry — aka: skull of Adam.

Because Because

Calvary is the anglicized form of latin, for referring to Golgotha, Greek Κρανίον, Hebrew gulgōleṯ for “skull” (גולגולת). In reference to —

  1. Place of skulls, where Christ and others were executed. Or,
  2. In association with the “skull of Adam” —


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