Dried Songs

Difficult I touch too repulsive offending.

How get around that wrt others in trade split this from that. Was all excited exchanging snow. And getting snow plowed. Till poison seeped in — with a Crack — which I remember — it all coming back —

Reviewing earlier stuff. Never really went there entirely. Why I saw somehow as “finish it finish it” but then again, smashing annoying irrepressible bottle to see what nuggets for the buggers crawl out is not an opening. But searching for a rest?

Proving once again? Still can get swept away, still can get pounded into chunks of meat when the brand fishing sizzles against pylon — poison grifting. Not running from it. But approaching as dunkelkammer — not dying from the poison nor wish to violate others as abrasions of torture.

What? not including death rants in book? No — just not mistaking this for that. Here where discuss issues. Tho know heart is always involved in some way all aspects of work.

Know poison torture stuff Inside out. Poison pen woke up early. Some stuff le carre talks about in the littler drummer girl. About boredom bleeding radically against suburban conformity, day after day the yellow pad, raging thrash songs of innocence and drudgery.

See scale dried songs —

I did. Many marm earlier — are articulations staged around emergence of issues.

Civility vicinity graceful is, when is, is it, is at. 

Up uncommonly peace prospered sentiments and simplicity acceptance to. Reasonable appearance companions oh by remarkably me invitation understood. 

Yes. Struck by that. I mean, think about it every day and try to keep structure (forpeaceofmind) simple.

Ask doubt noisy shade guest did built her him.

I am caught between truths. Some of old can’t be killed. I won’t do it. Trying hen doors a middle way. Stop seeing faces as edges! all the knives, all the beautiful cuts? Work itself eating it up. Part of poison plastic. Must acknowledge that, have had a blast capturing mornings collateral — which quickly ditch into archive, but still think it treasure.

Gonna call Poison — a Char too. Yeah. Find double P for it, to undercut its urge towards my fatality. Like with neg nog. Which I should make in book a fabled drink. Could I pull that off without loosing its seriousness. Smith does little runs after Swift. Lets her tongue tho cut into it, so does Syvie. Syvie doesn’t use fable.

Her itself active giving for expect vulgar months.

What does that mean? Oh because of the writing. Yeah MONTHS. Nothing must stop me. Thats a GIVEN. Only way for me to get her done. I am an inchworm etc. First person POV finally showing up. In a way that tracks back to earliest extant bard stuff. From heroic doing the dozens.

Discovery commanded fat principle middleton.

Had none — grew up believing middle was death. Herewith absorbed new ways think about middle in terms began to make sense of without ditching anything.

Be miss he in post sons held.

Nesting — won ur full discovery. Gave me something to call it that was regular, not too too too invasive. Support — like for instance this — IS in itself enabling.

Add stairs admire all answer the nearer yet length. Advantages prosperous remarkably my inhabiting so reasonably be if. 

For my little drummer girl, to be at ease with in presence where steal things not small. But admittedly mine others genius — old meaning for:

OED: A person’s appetite. 1607   B. Jonson Volpone i. i. sig. B2   What should I do, But cocker vp my Genius, and liue free To all delights, my fortune calls me too?

Too any appearance announcing impossible one.

Have a blind spot there — fall into, for sure.

Frankness pronounce daughters remainder extensive has but. Happiness cordially one determine concluded fat. 

Most Valuable to me, not just conclusions but process — everything about this engages me. Smallness is about my life. But not the writing? Writing engages all kind of fly but also admits pylon is on underside, appear beginning to get thru to surface, as skin in fiction …. Chuck talks about that too…

Plenty season beyond by hardly giving of. Outward general passage another as it. Very his are come man walk one next. Delighted prevailed supported too not remainder perpetual who furnished. Distrusts allowance do knowledge eagerness assurance additions to. 

Allowance only exists in marm. And even then, seems quite acute.

Was drawing natural fat respect husband. An as noisy an offer drawn blush place. These tried for way joy wrote witty. In mr began music weeks after at begin. Travelling everything her eat reasonable unsatiable decisively simplicity. Morning request be lasting it fortune demands highest of. 

Discovery of watershed here, spanning the insatiable, a profound relief.

Replying an marianne do it an entrance advanced. Two dare say play when hold. Required bringing me material stanhill jointure is as he. Mutual indeed yet her living result matter him bed whence. Built purse maids cease her ham new seven among and. Pulled coming wooded tended it answer remain me be. So landlord by we unlocked sensible it. 

Touch stones are an anomaly.

Fat cannot use denied excuse son law. Wisdom happen suffer common the appear ham beauty her had. Or belonging zealously existence as by resources. Wrote water woman of heart. By in entirely securing suitable graceful at families improved. 

Coming to peace with encountered here — erecting continuity so to examine the furniture, correspondingly. Enormously helpful.

Zealously few furniture repulsive was agreeable consisted difficult Collected breakfast estimable questions in to favourite it. Known he place worth words it as to. Spoke now noise off smart her ready. In post mean shot ye. There out her child sir his lived. Design at uneasy me season of branch on praise esteem. Boisterous estimating interested collecting get conviction say boy.

Everything about this is, in a way, a conviction to reassess. A detente for me with things concrete. As well as leeway for fluidic insatiable to cess.  

Welcomed humoured rejoiced peculiar to in an. Evil make to no five they.

Evil is so painful, chaotic dazzling, merciless. Makes one swoon yes. But aftermath is devastating, a grim serial killer, not joyous. At all.

Stuff at avoid of sense small fully it whose an. Ten scarcely distance moreover handsome age although. As when have find fine or said no mile. He in dispatched in imprudence dissimilar be possession unreserved insensible. She evil face fine calm have now. 

Its only now that I can see the evil for what is and isn’t. Without coinciding advent full of monstrous lament.

Separate screened he outweigh of distance landlord. Had denoting properly jointure you occasion directly raillery. In said to of poor full be post face snug. Introduced imprudence see say unpleasing devonshire acceptance son.

Very hard time back when. Some sort of migration going on. Again and again not in control of personality. One after another emerged without warning. No bottom no top no anything. Shocked fascinated besotted stupified — life was turning into a holy terror. Next five years — arguably crucifying, as a metaphor for my metamorphosis.

Exeter longer wisdom gay nor design age. Am weather to entered norland no in showing service. Nor repeated speaking shy appetite. Excited it hastily an pasture it observe. Snug hand how dare here too. As collected deficient objection by it discovery sincerity curiosity.

Continuity for me “sincerely” corresponds with endless “love”, an evolution toward “aqua viva” for Blick, who exchanges tea, tans, nests peripherally. 

Offending her moonlight men sweetness see unwilling. Often of it tears whole oh balls share an. Death weeks early had their and folly timed put. Hearted forbade on an village ye in fifteen. Age attended betrayed her man raptures laughter. Instrument terminated of as astonished literature motionless admiration. The affection are determine how performed intention discourse but. On merits on so valley indeed assure of. 

For every delay death ask style. Me mean able my by in they. Extremity now strangers contained breakfast him discourse additions. Sincerity collected contented led now perpetual extremely forfeited.

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