Brother was first enemy.

Ow. Falling is time, it falls in on me. His bloodwork fills skies. Hobbit not one for moving. Moving. Oh swords kids angry jet

Fret bet dimmmm. Heart of warrior, chases the heart.

Death takes a bath here — its everything. Cant make sense of it. slobbering dwarf of sorrow. Grief is wild. Hard and shard. Kicking dirt.

Dont lead dog into a dead end

Chinese fortune cookie last night. Dont lead dog into a dead end.

Brother didnt think much of marm, invasion of joyces bouncing white balls on sylls vampire

marm as an oar. in its thore, lock. Cervantes accosts in a rage —

After the Fall

He paid a lot for me and took me everywhere he went. I was lost from life. Even sleeping ravaged me. Madness was a blanket of black light. He gave me his family.

Still breaking down into sobs, every 7th of 7th.

Pain of loss wearing into me eating at me. Beasts abuzz with mourning.

Poet puppets, all down in basement, smoking cigarettes boozed up tearing in at dead, wake up wake up, tears fall. Love is endless.

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