Pal Mail and the Whizz (of Fizz)


Horror Bunneys

Cant keep out horror bunnies — from la lang. But could also call out as hotels//castles /- last year at marienbad is from same crane as kafkas castle. Burroughs Naked Lunch iz a horror, and so is catcher in the rye. But of course NOT ONLY — Beauty under Burroughs wail naked lunch is will to live — rioting — Hunter too — Defiant spells of fiction write in bass relef —

Shoot Outs Are Tricksters — Angling Flies versus Lies — With Purity Reachers?

Shooting way out of a Sartre drenched prisoner complex ? with Genets balls for snow —

Jim morrison il arrive in the corner dans coin — leaning over his knees — wondering if maybe I should bring in somehow someway mystics early beautiful flies please. I say yeah but its lulu — she will fly with it, up vics legs — Kafka in the Kastle sneezes, blows his nose, coughs repeatedly, go for it he says, take my breath away —

Clarice set up for lulu char, working out fine — Esp. w.r.t. Vic. Even if there is a lot of Marienbad slow dance forming at full intensities — indeed growling away underneath it — tiger tiger, can see that now —

B boys, Burroughs Beckett Bukowski, p ness envie de meathook for murderers, meaning what: The Smiths?

Ideologys purities of the defiant — from the first, threw baby out into woods ? with sherry and her windger hinge hungries whatever direction Tutters turn, not just buzzards, also flutter and worm.

Plunger drew line from shoot out to pure ideo things — as dance in sink with puri factions — all into beat and rhyme time, body skimming and slamming against it, as metal in song grabs time with its fist, and radically reorders it.

Oh the high in my 20s — when dancing tide wide searching for bona fides — while sorrow and heart blast against fault lines and indifference — And love’s sweet fall away emptying into a kiss.

When boredom means terrorized.

Will — Not to Kill

Day off from writing yesterday — by end of day wanna kill myself — Shunting the writer biter dawn day fizz even for a day now mocks death — jj says thats good thats good.

Dizziness of the soyl? bleeds with anger and suspicions, and Becketts starts a running tally of it.

Genuinely Lug #burroughs#beckett#bukowski as number runners, in hash ass sins bag with royal rimbaud — Out in the peptic septic with funnel under its pure as allure dimensions on h”uggliness of reality. The B boys register at times a tyranny for Moi — Its glue gets berry bad la haute eats it up hate simmers with disbelief.

French Drench Park Bench

French drench still — cant quite get ear to keep up — but can think in full sentences — refine sign verb at intent pronto — theres still trans lag tho gurr — Doing third screening on Marienbad — with script in lap — reading along — How nerd is that—

Cry at night for the babies — yeah must write who shows up — says heming and fitz /- tigertiger /-

Cant help jj melange thing from flight patterns à eprouver along flow bears continuum? — love u for trying, admit the sit uation as threads.

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