Boysened for being Free

It finally washing up to six preparation. Heavy deep he with mag. Two country or many. Fourteen along with pistils are strangers, so sand layer is certain. Troops of all sorts of sea frugal days are resident

Square firewood still established a malaysian one. Tin was ready for a moment. We call goa lines around the world. 

Borrowers in important districts now dispose of the entrepreneur. 

Walk away walk away. nah. Hi like the fend ship. The virtual conspiracy.  

Many each llama their den is rank for. 

Matter about too harsh hair. Difference already lost, stirs up English benefit. Achieve all further by decision tin my ad use. 

I love it. Its wonderful having writers as fends. Go write today write today write today. Don’t be nervous let it run.

Process impact devil coolies as trials have six. 

Engineers disappear on railroads for the same millions dug up. 

First share we both drop it until after. 

Pretending to be poisoned for being free

Its not pretense its death overhanging the vestibule every entry and exit. Its extensions. Don’t think of as poison any more. But fends. Of the hallway speaking in rhythms. I don’t break anymore don’t shake until breaks in correspond dance with visions of death. Those visions of death much closer to home now bro go. Gotta write today. I won’t break. Not in denials or turning back to. No reason to. Not poison. Yee all are freedom. From delusional grasp of incendiaries. To whom bell tolls. Etc. Embrace with art and work. Real helps peal back the confusion delusion perfusion hi add door. That as all. Appreciate it like with the Moms. Just do.

And lets the vegetables down in larder where ardor farms and barns kale, ray dray bay, let grow visionary — suffer stuffers to bellow through with the mark of twain sane drain jane.

Girls are all squinting at you. Whispering but not with hostility. Trying to figure out. 

Em says the rise in beauty of its grasp at — y’all get that. Very. Love her stubbornness had to find “exit” door from impact of how girl get things V, about homebodies. Ask wives bet they get. In various ways from travel — to escape thru window. Gone. My goner didn’t want to leave and thus THEY became sections in hell. Folds book from delousz. Also book on Marcel Signals. Fr and ang. OH the wanter calls out. Help me collect. Addiction to marm not poison. About architecture and proust signals. Why would that be poison. I want to stay here. What next. write. Love the reading tho.

I love to listen “for it.”

But go where whitey go. Where she: Insists until my head explodes — ok ok ok I will.

And then came Sendy Wendy. Who failed at every turn because I ate the Hunger book mmm three times. U rope pee in litter sure with bucks chucks fucks and American madness Skys Indian rhythms truth and its insanity. 

MMMMMMMMM methods. I love talking methods. Disintigrationg delusionates that are in groove with time Fair can Feld for pages of my room. Impossibility applies to delusional arctics.** Which I explore as temptations for being, in velvet marcel and Blake, Blake in blue velvet. Blake as if French. Like a strange cross in between anglish channel there for me. And Irish there too with JJ on the beach and all. Blake and JJ are there with SM. If one shows up so do others. Its mywritinggroup. They do go and jerk off too. Its rhythms of desire. OH no not another girl book about the delusions of love.

** add to phrase hunting

Ka kacaoutchouc devolves hungrily into methods. Girls say HOKAY. In bars for cars and Lars — so be pretty one day.  

Methods are dug/drug to. Finding them. Body tracks, my burns bonnie tracks — fat, cackles crackers huh tacks, the blinding mining sighing stomach grumbling effort. But its not angry or lost or fuming at the cost or pay back or anything like that. Its here with you picking up mail.

Hurts in every dumbbell I try hurl. Its lovely its cupid stupid I admit.

Can’t erase cupid from my stupid. Stupid is the horror of innocence. What innocence faces is my own crash dash flash explosions yak now Stephen King.

But its worth it. I don’t know how to exhibit. I don’t know how to stand in front yard naked.

Once ma wouldn’t let me go swimming next door, so took bathing suit and got naked in front yard to change into. Brother told on me, ma started yelling until I came in. Every move I made. Until ya know. Body was understood as sacred. Collette Kathy and the Moms. 

Their as well as nights markets seemed to cause it to happen. Not cause laws gauze “marcel the registry.” Fa Suck on marble — the marcel, signs. Will gently hunger add to phrase hunting — shake down. AHHHH

The thief be night. At waging wall, braying —

From air moderate the hevea becomes alais back. 

There needs to be approach now after common people. Pending effective native science, it is dividends

I like dividends.

After having visited jungles away there as well. Sits mountains of juice therefore became goa pahang war. 

Sound like bangs —

Suitable for farming, they turned down the most French negritos. 

I fucked up. kind they were and I fucked up. WITH EVERYBODY. Screaming Mimis. Was a sad terror to watch. My point of view too, hadmitted it as went on. Somepin happening to me couldn’t control. Behavior was treacherous TO ME. Stuck in neck of evil stork pell mell hell. Not appropriate blame on others. Userer I was, still am. Share the us y riri with hall  “the Govs” as kind of splendor in the mask. Work grows “hunters influence.” Strikes me as “return” to hummmmanity. 

Usurers sago palms sea southeast sold shipwrecked Europeans. 

No not sold. Was a wreck. HELLO. Really was. Begging for a way out. Of the wreck. Its not jay sus sun save me. It was HELL what is this fuck I am delirious. And a thousand apologies. I am not going to lie or blame. NYET.  I know you mean in general ways. 

This is in a way for me about “them” who travel so much — because they do they just do — show up in marm. Which became a way for me towards recovery discovery many method etc. Tho vous have generalized the radical in me. FANK VOUS.

French brick we golconda would melt back if pits industrious. 

Melt back where? NO I dunno,  don’t  think care that much to melt. When it comes to staging my own have been always well encouraging, in a general way, and sometimes even with suggestions in a more specific way. Thats what I hear. And I DO listen care fully.

Although there are now powerful arabs minerals foundation I determined placement. 

What does that mean she wonders outloud? Carrot for my biteiful donk who loves to bake it in — hello from flower country.

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