Beautiful Rot

Bunch of inter nits, can hear a little something of Becketts clip. Tho hair is swirly, flirts a bit like listening to radiodial buzzing in and out of station location. Title Penisneid Vorbai means: penis envy that potty my past — thinking could be good for title if were to be picked up by Lacan Ink or Perfume.

Penisneid Vorbai

Prince of Darkness and Prince of Peace turn up, tableau, with the Jay Suss Monster. His right and left hands. Direct and oblique.

To the third leg, he commands, it sings. Ahoy six toys — then, then it begins to lose syllable cohesion, at dangle of dip, heels to rhyme — meta morph, pose, blossom and flay slay way?

Obey. Shine a ray, sky pie die day. Pie is a penis squatter.

Tomb with a view :

Slabs glint, bloody pink and green — make a dark crusted purple. Rocks sparkling seaweed flattened slippery when wet.

Ocean longshore rockhounding.

Squints at sun and sound of water, pushing his hair long in front to the side.

Heavy soled boots. Thick socks. Scoops pebbles, shells, flicks at thick fuzz on rock — Weedy strings of plastic ooze up to his nose and smells its crucible.

Elsewhere :

A fleet in his cacophony — of cursed while adoration — the aggrandizing comes in bombs —

Telling. Sick sunny, sweet tart thwart, not another mooning parker — get off. Snuff of your bas relief. A bird swallows. Sex rises to the death.

A slide :

Then slides into. A naked picnic with the painter?

How he got their bodies to discard robes, after set out cameras. FILM? the whole afternoon N to the number, hard wok slap and tickle oozers — gathering the gobble gobble into fuck happy foam — loop a duck encounter group —

Cut. All pairings are now on tape. Every taped explosion of cum is a son of ram. The golem golden night flies nozzle slam.

Let the frozen be doomed.

Echo 1 Echo 1. Joins Jay Suss nectar, fingers at bowl calmly, down her throat. The emptiness echos hard and horror, and wipes her chin.

Straighten up. Walk out of bathroom.

Ensues fancy chancy composte columns three in a row for clues, hands to shoulders, ass up against fluting, pushing a way round.

Invested in a cluster of barbed mar plot — holy Angela’s precious sell lucid. Explain yourself :

Free writing is taunting bunkering banditry. Slope and slime. Reaps sublime — color of whipped cream goes green? Slips in slips out — All demons are dismal abyssal, fizzy and cart. Sets off Nash-ing, what’s more? ensembles. Enemies die a thousand squabbles. Arguing like preachers corners — Finger pointing up :

Lark lark : the holy heart. Illiquation, eliquation, sozzle and eluviate. La lang tangs phases crises stolen priceless. Liquid.

Scale it up. Cosmo.

Slung like holsters across bottleneck sky, hung and fly. Diderot pulls up his sox. Stuck on floating microgrid sun boat. Working down in hull. A bottle king: thickners, putties, dilutants.

Tidy bow tidy bow, sweeping cross like love at a crossroad. Echo 1. Miller time.


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