Fateless Rhymes
of a Lugubrious Singsong Hysteric

Patches or Matches

Letting loops 
fly, flame through

all posey rose-y
pants on fire.

While St. Brigid
goes through year
of clean water. 

get out

get out
of the great dismal?

Back to earth.
Pound. Pound. Pound.

They see hog
and baby ugly sounds.

I see Pound's
freak repeating hymnals.

Where treads
find chutes

weaves hurl after abyss
like a dense mist -
la dommage is brisk.

Confuses remarkably
with pirates greed.

Huff and puff
falls off the bean

cuts across where
angles in at rutts

blood grows thin
fills up with wind.

What not to do
what not to do

tong for long
hem and hue

even fall
even fall
the big empty.


Transgressive and frugal
gets right into me.

Like mortal fluid
fatal and beautiful.

Peaches loves it
frank devours it,
leaves me for dead.

Becomes a mission
to stay a live one.

Pores of opulence
like swans are feral.
State of grace untamed.

Gardens call
anywhere at all.

Sounds flash down
the brutal balm.

Flows like a compost

Hothouse woke with crow
at dawn.

Suddenly suddenly
the day is strong.

a prickly affinity.

jolly morose

deviant elements
of rain.

A downpours
invigorating consanguinity.

With only the skies
to emblazon.