Fateless Rhymes
of a Lugubrious Singsong Hysteric


reading Prof Z

& I am right back out at sea
as devours 
the subjective destitute?
whose burden/injunctions
are so flipping full of it,
and then some
only to be emptied emptied!
devoured devoured
go on go on!
& its hashmark music to my ears
and then some
the living dead undead
an auditor-marauder 
copy that
holy zeal
ethical act,
unzeds unheads
the regulated from the real
see it - see it through
the cage from the zoo
bark bark and boo who?
& the rest -
pure Ibsen.

3rd draft

Dreaming in x’s

Is like a nail 
like a nail in a board
blood red blue
the farm,
the whole fucking farm
never fails 
never fails 
to unlearnable 
yearn you you
you into a complete
nuclei on the move 
charges aluminising
through slits & heights
lalangue go brights
like looking into your eyes 
canal side nights
way too bloody now
or should I say - ripe
for anyone to be
to be x
tra la tra la
about motion and flight
and rays of light.