Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

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Dreaming in x’s

Dreaming in x’s

Feather akilter

the blood red fed and shed

and bandaged blue

there is no blue without orange.

A cardinal vein

a riotous spin

never fails to fly,

and pistle the whither

and amplify.

Unlearnable as the sky

yearns abaft the beam

gems and germs

forever turnworms.

Its freezing, its freezing.

But anyway stay.

Let waves through the feigns

pilgrims reign.

And pilt where drawers

come round on All Fours

for cherries lalangue

Hugger mugger

these liquid drones

for water on the knee.

Bred in a basket.

the vafrous & fulgid.

Head and sea.

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Fateless Rhymes

Of A Lugubrious Sing-Song Hysteric

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  1. Fluid writing style and even livid thoughts.

  2. such a perfect way of writing

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