Blog is a zine, where my poet Tessa ram bows up the fiction, with shed the dead (and keep ’em fed) poetry, violin violent love grub, dragon wag on and the death mystery. Language is my fucking philosophy.

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Fragments from Short Stories: Body of Hate Surface of Love

  • Avoid. The Void.


    blue glue o

    the castaway and crumble

    bunny flames out

    in titterings


    against the void

    sketchy waters

    on the take

    complots assume

    wretched and glorious

    are miraculous blooms.

    Where catches fire

    glows explodes

    in a flash of tire.

    Again and again

    a feral sweeps

    where trickster weeps

    that batter the eye

    where dance at fire.

    Curvinerved —


    adunc with ambivalence.

    Obvious as toast

    to a ghost

    set loose

    by bloodlust of furies

    floating out

    into waste paste taste

    the eternal ocean

    drizzles the abyssal


    with flighty denominators

    adding up up up

    to a glorious descent

    higher fire

    the dire liar

    teased and torn

    rapture and porn

    freedoms forlorn.

    Anglers that spoof

    for a measure of proof

    to wit to woo

    the hole-y roof.

To write, to rhyme, to play up against language, be driven to plush the envy lope with unctions of secret sorrows,rushing loose like a flaming noose. Plaguey and divine.

Findings in Freewriting


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