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INTERVIEW E. M. Cioran & Jason Weiss https://www.itinerariesofahummingbird.com/e-m-cioran.html

Portions of this interview were first published in the Los Angeles Times (October 5, 1984); the entire text appeared in Grand Street (New York) 5:3 (Spring 1986), and later in my book Writing at Risk: interviews in Paris with uncommon writers (Iowa, 1991), now out of print.  More recently, the interview was translated into Italian by Pierpaolo Trillini and edited by Antonio Di Gennaro as a small book under Cioran’s name as L’Intellettuale senza patria (Milano: Mimesis, 2014).

ARTICLE in https://www.theschooloflife.com/article/e-m-cioran/

Cioran sat out the Second World War in Paris. In its aftermath, he approached the famous publishing house, Gallimard, with his first work in French, A Short History of Decay, published in 1949. Writing in French was he said, ‘like writing a love letter with a dictionary’.  

The book became a bestseller, the first in a series of devastatingly wicked and dark texts composed mainly of aphorisms and tart short essays. Each title comes as a provocation or a punch: Syllogisms of BitternessThe Temptation to Exist and his masterpiece: The Trouble with Being Born.

MOI: I bring french into my english as a structural ghost —

Insomnia | An interview with Emil Cioran, 1984 http://www.cocosse-journal.org/2020/07/the-insomnia-interview-with-emil-cioran.html

“Read day and night, devour books – these sleeping pills – not to know but to forget! Through books you can retrace your way back to the origins of spleen, discarding history and its illusions.”

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