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Tis Me Whited Out

Its not gratuitous — what i do is not gratuitous at all — its hard won and fought for.

Not thru charity but truculence and the scrimmages —

Earns decimals — in pig latin where equates throughway with chanterelle —

Probes x torsion.

Doesnt think of it as neg leg anymore but con summate hex change of val u.

Perseverance delinquency lets fly a balm able shop talk —

Not just for flying — but for landing as well ?

That said dont discount val of money — I like making money

Even with drawing its not just about money but relationships and my freedom to diversify ?

I love drawing nudes and playing ferociously with color — since a kid —

Just did a strong print take on a trad/trend for sunil storyline project — And the money keeps flowing in from studio work —

And because of it, I never have to compromise — a fkng sngl dimension in discuss with dead or alive wrt work -/

Let ride the rhyming sickness — let dig for cues moos and rim bow booze — let sylph and silt philo silo — 

Let birdy steal anything finds — through falls in wells or tidal swells.

And if so climbs, teeter into rhymes.


Silliness is allowed by way of Beckett — how he pulls it into the serious — Thru questions repetition into folly for doing it — And looks around for clues why is he there. Creates archi techy thru questions — likes to draw with his head — Back reading fr .

I am a woman of letters — who likes to draw and ended up with law degree like my dad — but went into publishing because law bored me, as opposed to sky fly (and put the egg on skillet and fry) fiction —

I loved to bomb my brain and law gave me nightmares that I didnt like.

Publishing was way-way too “tight.” So found grunt for dollars work in page design which started making cash for immediately, then went on to manage a funky furniture store, then finally into illustration and surface art mostly in fashion because fashion was my moms dream and oy met Sunil the wonderful at FIT — only to discover with cash for focus could “seriously” draw.

Aunt Em

I think of Emily Dickinson as my aunty em. White girl american brought up on religious horror pie. Get thee to a none airy —

Nobody these days writes letters like her — Her letters u hotta admit wonderful — here is link.

I love yr plasticine pig poems —

I read all of jjs letters and Byrons etc Burns too, where they love outloud and Fitz and Z els.

Mad hatness that blew up into hatred and farmers feathers, demanded letters take a room — be a loom, weeping sweeping keeping locket alive in tomb to ex foliate the sadness madness, as I lay frying dying, over well: everything else.

Oi do it anyway

Letters are darts into the fray — Coming in thru the fray trying to find one in a zillion — of “sea” willing to exude with me —

I am a letter babe — yum tarjay — That once ran away and away — into arms of death ? The skeleton dance with p of d, prince of dahkness ?

Loopy I am, and with my work, quizzically demanding —

Conclusion — dance of the clues ruse longs with affection says everybody.

The noose — I went thru a noose thing out in The Sacrificials for e ons —-

And am still here swinging — but that all kinda started with what have come to call my Syvy’s delirious “shoot outs.”

And later, LuLu LaSuere and The French Revolution — Zizek talks about French Revolution as a calendar girl? I kid you not.

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