Penisneid V5 getting there

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Singsong Hysteric, is my beloved horror show book of poems. About reckonings with heaven, hell, madness, love, death and longing. As a mystification of understanding falling through waves of absolutes, as themselves shades of horror and beauty, and their revelation, usurpation, incumbents and their ulteriors.

Still working out the ending

Sly murky lures

crispy phallic fervors

asleep over hole

my caged raging soul —

the thunderbirds’ dead

its fire and dread

brandishing scars, my

miraculous cars.

That bled into the blight.

Framing a rainbow — killer bright.

Mourn the haul

its pining cross

freedoms incubus

and drunk albatross.

A stunning disruption

its sacred rent

hideous spartans

pink and bent.

Hooks for a boutefou

heavens tree wire.

Furtif and verjuice,

swivel in the tire.

Tethers feathers

to nethers

blunt fragile

and wry.

Hi ho hi ho —

the hunt and the lie.

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