frontallaying 2
Artwork by Dusty Hope

Furtif slippery lures

wanton phallic fervors’ overtures.

Their thunderbirds fed

on fire and dread

boons of wounds

my sacred tread head.

Laying in wave after wave

crave nave slave grave stave

of pious riotous venal and fur.

How it bleeds

into the goatish night

frames a rigged

and jangly rainbow

punchy slinky

hangdog bright.

Bobbers up

at every whispering cross

freedoms bagman

supperless incubus

immersionist albatross.

My overthwart sinkhole

pink and bent

heavens revenant haywire

mire lyre multiplier.

Furtif and boutefeu

coil in oil

map happy mole

feathers to nether

the rue and the rack

of my sand locked soul.


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