04 Hunger & Burners

Hunger burns you burns you

mountains top

nightingales throbbing puzzle

the final goodbye

girl must cry —

In front of

drinking buddies

drinking buddies

slog through the mines

the final

the final time

the final final

canary killed in mine

consumed by livid with memory


wincing begging delicious


to a caw caw poe low go

is a kill

for nill and wag the dog

get out saw

out gnaw of paw

rejoicing oh uncertainty


repeated hope

creatures will take you take you take

draw fourth two

and burn snow

to stay everyday is


before its haul over.

Impudent pillow

imagined smile among edges

while dodging

bulls or what is bull “its”

aiming to sinks

living sinks

stone go quick

and hid you.

Gleaning pisa

a patch to poison

unspeakable spring

hesitant to support

everywhere breathes

curiosity bees,

struggle soul struggle

sweet jet.

Beast where pyramid collect

stops us by the strings.

Pauses to suspend,

red stairs, reservoirs, windows

cypress gardens

finally finally look look look.

Haughty are the stars

sit the truth

came the last. Work shines

on streets destroyed

by embers remember

bewildering splendors, seeing it both.

Frantic scents recognize affectionate.

Nap is waiting

for the spring

to sigh use.

Suffer the drop,

stay by wings.

Smiling sultry persuading throbbing


Mine mine made

where from

how use.

Bunched up

soft bitter

then makes you die

blockade lays the vigils

dreamy suffering

solicits to land

a shore

with mounts

sweet delusional

kinks to links and coins

in the fountain.

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