17 Make ends meet


your going your going no

your flowing out to sea no

borders carry uniforms

too true,

mine bursts

into flames


Attenuating letters

is all why hi I

know of flying V

suing vous.

Ideas at tops

the nothing hand

the nothing hair

yet the sun is converted everywhere.



teaches how to give, go there go there.

Making love at borders —

it all comes down

to tangible patterns —

Behave in rooms

but never in the cathedral.

Forest evenings

are sacred

birds nest on sky

where water ends

confide in meters

swarm the windows

sounded by drums.

Watch out

for fans in attic

watch it

dip low ceiling

as enter over mats

and the laundry

the laundry drying


the air.

Horizons summer


Six shoulder


stretches out in battle

of faith

everywhere opens radiant.

Headdress feathers

lets sort it out

in wagon

cringing with morals

alternate factories.

Flush them out

badly boldly


Lively is hideous

to executors

tightening frontier

at belts,

tensions jolt and welt.

Curb the call backs

curb the leather

curb the admiration

curb the shutter

curb the trees.

Color me purple

hands and knees.

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