del sagrado corozon

del-sagrado-corozon.V3 still working on


Struck by landfall fire

angelic holy violent metal

gall raging

at righteous opacities

instantiates the ultra mundane

pouring over luft and flame,

errant loopy & florid

meaning of torrid


toe at edge of plank piratical

scanning for transmutables

suddenly caught

as a prism dreadnought

seeing thru

to hoops transvisible

as feeder for wings 


way through

out of way, 

crying pious fusty hidebound,

the holy wounded

ancestral hinge 


vicious scolding

they attack

with sacrificial apocalypse masks

hoofbeats whirring

louder louder

del sagrado corozon


sweet wars occult

for freedom

to hunger

sweet sad bad rad!

hopeless rhyme crime droner.



fugitive horrors

fighting the morning light

blows like a fire eater

into the overbright pail of night

ancient tools fools rules

whistling with terror terror



pulling at meat

holy trick or treat

thru muscle uncooked

all raw & tantrum.



planetary house

blew away, blew away

magpies spotted wagered

doused, transpierced

hearts blood itself

screaming madness –


what the f&ck wonder bread

falling under

like thunder

& all the masks areel, kneeling



wont corrupt

however huff and puffed

strays craven stupid

as entities alight

bail & bullfight

a garden vermicultural appetite.



flycatcher fortifications

nectars pranking provocateur

runaway ramp

vamp hamp lamp

sepulchral florissant

hooded & feudal


ire runaway

came the flood

with all its hope & madness

empaths hopping sopping 

mopping it up 

as madness spreads

up and down

the watershed 



beast and bone!

However half starved,

dying undying kisses

lure stir at dalliance

culprits and killers

piles on wild demure

the wretched blessed

half awake,


oh ancient sleep

how so wildly evanescent

like trash u crash,

throwing pants into the fire

into the past

into the host

holy, unvoluntarily?

like a strident panicky overdose!



the wonder wall

13th hour bell

chess-with-death pieces

into loneliness of a soul

grail and nail

into neck

of ponderous drum 

tummy tum tum


hamlets ghouls

guile, tilt and hold

eeking out parameres


beyond the blanket

la carbonari 


for a holy roll –


bring out your undead

ripple peak filters,

pickers and lifters 

pathology for pattern –

portion control!