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  • The Vampire’s Wife: Stuff

    Suzy Cave’s The Vampire’s Wife. Am indebted to her approach to beauty that plumbs artistic and dramatic strains across the universe, however curious, transgressive, or both. Virginia Wolfe Virginia has been much on my mind lately. Experimental way approaches her paragraphs — My LuLu du Lac loves how she starts to slip into passages with…

  • Les Fleurs Pensée sur l’Amour

    Two books had super heavy influence on me very early on. Ezra Pounds translation of Remy du Gormant’s The Natural Philosophy of Love. A late 1800’s tract about sexual instincts in animals. And translated with succinctness and intensity by the great Ezra. Loved it. Also: The infamous In Praise of Folly. A satirical essay written…

  • Rouge et Noir

    Soul, wilt thou toss again? By just such a hazard Hundreds have lost, indeed…

  • Yaddo Dreaming

    Truman and Harper at Yaddo. I dream of going to Yaddo. I dream of going to Yaddo for a month and writing there and conferring with Lowell in the gardens. And visiting S+L. Also visiting Beckett’s Library in Paris. With PA. It’s a thing.

  • Sammy Slabbinck

    Gotta Love Sammy!

  • Skunk Hour

    Skunk Hour

    I myself am hell; nobody’s here— only skunks, that search in the moonlight for a bite to eat…